Joyfully documenting two writers and players deserving much wider recognition, Take That Back is the witty rejoinder to those cynical among us who think all the fun has gone out of jazz. Take that back, indeed! – Douglas Payne, Sound Insights 2.23.22 (Full Review HERE)

Joan Hutton and Sue Orfield’s Take that Back opens with the smooth dark chocolate crooning of Hutton’s bass clarinet. The tune is “Dirty Secret,” a Hutton-penned, mid-tempo gem. And initially what comes to mind is (Bennie Maupin and Eric Dolphy aside) how rarely we hear the bass clarinet on a jazz album. Then Orfield’s tenor sax enters and interweaves lines with Hutton’s, and the pairing of sounds presented with the two reeds and the piano, bass and drums rhythm team is something special indeed. – Dan McClenegan, 1.27.22 (Full Review HERE)

Despite the title of the first track, it is not a “Dirty Secret” that Joan Hutton and Sue Orfield are two of the top wind players in the region, and their opening combination of bass clarinet and tenor sax sets the tone for the rest of their new outing. – Andrea Canter, 1.28.22 (Full Review HERE)

Prolific jazz musicians Sue Orfield and Joan Hutton just released their first collaborative record, Take That Back, a 10-song effort on Shifting Paradigm Records. The album is a crash course in traditional jazz, featuring magnificent bass clarinet and tenor sax melodic dueling courtesy of the powerhouse duo. – Parker Reed, 1.27.22 (Full Article HERE)